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My blog is still here!

Apparently it’s been three years since my last post, which I find very difficult to believe. One year I’d believe, but three?! Goodness does time fly. So why after three years am I back, you may be asking yourself. Well, I decided to resurrect my blog today in order to hopefully win back my handful of followers and gain many more, and to document the journey my family is about to embark on, a journey which some say is insane but I think it’s just because they are jealous. Or maybe we really are cuckoo, but hey, you only live once!

More to come on that in my next post, which won’t be three years from now. Probably a day or two. Anyhoo, we have continued to experience more chicken hijinks over the last few years, but I’m a seasoned pro now so nothing much phases me at this point, except one of my hens is turning into a rooster. I think I have to dedicate a separate post for that as well, especially so I can add pics of HER spurs. You should all know by now that I’m not joking, yes my chicken life really is this ridiculous. New to my blog? See all chicken-related posts and you’ll understand.

So this is just a hit-and-run entry as I was successful in remembering my login and password. I’ve missed being here and hope to be very active from here on out! See ya in the next few days.

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Hello fellow homesteaders!

Welcome to By the Bushel & By the Dozen! Here you will find many dispatches inspired by my silly little homestead, and hopefully some very relatable stories to help you deal with whatever issues you might be experiencing with your homestead. I started this blog because I felt that more information needed to be available for those of us raising chickens and trying to live a more self-sufficient life. I  hope you enjoy perusing this blog and welcome your comments (after I approve them, of course. Some folks like to troll and cause trouble!).

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