The Roo had to Go!

No, we didn’t eat him. We thought about it but decided we weren’t quite ready for the whole slaughtering/butchering thing yet. Here’s the deal: Kanga, our beautiful roo, grew to be very large and very bossy with the girls, as I’m sure all roosters do. Then he turned six months old and the fun really started. Crowing at 4 AM, then crowing a LOT during the day, and terrorizing one of our hens (I’m sure he was just trying to mate with her but she was really unhappy about the whole thing). As I’ve explained we live in a semi-rural area, it’s a little strange. The half of the street we live on is zoned Single Family Residential; however, the houses/lots behind us are zoned Agricultural as is the other half of our street which consists of an olive tree orchard. Two doors down is home to seven roosters, but what makes us different is that we have neighbors on both sides as you would in a normal suburban neighborhood. Told ya it was strange. Long story short, the neighbors are our friends (we’ll call them J & J) and we wanted to keep it that way. They never complained about Kanga, preferring to be polite and wait for us to figure it out. Then one day my husband was awakened by the 4 AM crowing. And the next day. And the next day. So you can imagine we were concerned about J & J being disturbed by this. We brought it up to them soon after the third morning to which they replied, “Oh, yeah. He’s been doing that for a couple of weeks.” The HORROR!! We felt like the most inconsiderate, evil neighbors ever. We made the tough decision that Kanga had to go, despite how gorgeous he was (see pics below) and the fact he was an asset to the flock. J & J’s sanity had to be the priority so off Kanga went in late December to a local rescue on a farm. He had to have been a good ten pounds. It’s amazing to see a little, tiny two-day old chick grow that quickly into such a magnificent bird, and I do miss him. Not to mention I thought the name I came up with was pretty nifty.

kanga2     kanga3    kanga1
Kanga at about five months old.            Kanga the day he left us.               This pic is just for scale. Big boy!

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