Mutant Egg

“All’s I can say is that I feel verrrrrry sorry for whichever of the girls laid THAT egg,” my husband said last night. I agreed. The egg was HUGE! So huge, I had to take a pic to compare the size with the some of the other eggs laid, complete with a tape measure to show just how big the darn thing was. See for yourself.


Obviously I’m talkin’ about the egg on the far right, which was nearly 3 inches long!! I’ve never seen an egg that big. It literally spanned the length of my palm. Now you feel sorry for her, too, dontcha?

I cooked that bad boy up for breakfast this morning and was not surprised to find it was a double-yolk. We’ve had lots of double-yolk eggs since the girls started laying again after being on strike the last few months. They must have extra yolks stored up after molting and the shorter days of winter. Or maybe they are just trying to make it up to us as we were getting very frustrated with having to buy organic eggs from the store. They are so expensive and taste so bland compared to ours. Luckily for us, we are getting about eight eggs per day so the drought is over!

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