Another Death, Some New Life

Hello Friends! It’s been a while. Things always get crazy around the holidays and there’s a lot of news from the coop to report! First the bad news…

Sept. 13, 2012: Been away on vacation for a week when we get a panicked phone call from our neighbors, who are taking care of the girls, at about 7:30p. They were putting the girls in the coop for the night when one started convulsing violently and died, right in front of our poor neighbors. They were absolutely mortified and felt so bad; so did we but we felt worse about our neighbors having to see that than the hen dying. Who wants to go through that?? The hen that died had shown only mild signs of being ill, such as a few sneezes here and there but that’s it so her death kind of surprised us. She was the same breed as the hen we tried to save when we first started out with chickens (see “Chickens Sneeze?!” post below) so I can’t say we were really shocked. We had bought both at the same time from the same lot, and in looking back at that experience they were in a cage with one other bird of the same breed that didn’t look too good. Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it? So if I haven’t already said this, be SURE that you know where the birds you are buying came from and if any of them look ill then assume they are.

Upon returning from vacation, I decided to get more hens since I have friends and family clamoring for eggs constantly. (They really are super delicious. I have a hard time eating store-bought eggs anymore, which we’ had to do a LOT until recently since the girls were on strike. I digress…) SO: I found myself at the local feed store at the beginning of October buying six more girls, all of which were about two months old. The separated coop came in handy as it was time to move the roo and his sister into the main flock, and the new girls took over their half. We now have 13 hens and they are laying like crazy—finally! We are getting on average eight eggs per day, so that’s keeping my “customers” happy.

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